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Proverbs 16:8 - "Better to have little, with godliness, than to be rich and dishonest."


PHONES 9AM to 3PM T-F; CLOSED 30 minutes for Lunch*
*We try to take lunch from 12:00-12:30; however, if we are on the phone with a customer at noon, we won't end the call; we will take a 30 minute lunch break when the call is completed.
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As of October 7, we will be extending our phone hours to include Mondays from
9AM-3PM. Jay and Jacob will be answering phones and shipping products.  Corey will be in the office as her headaches permit.

 Bill, however, be unavailable, as he spends Mondays on live tuning and engineering.

Power Hungry Performance is pleased to announce the release of the NEW HYDRA™ Multi-Position Chip! Redesigned from the ground up, the Hydra Chip provides Ford owners with a feature packed, high quality, low cost alternative to many of the existing modules on the market today.

• 17 TOTAL POSITIONS including built-in Module
   Bypass (for diagnostics or emissions testing) and
• Easy to read TWO DIGIT removable display switch
   that mounts on any flat surface for maximum
• Optional dash-mounted USB cable for permanent
• Supports most competitors’ calibrations
• Fully compatible with PATS-equipped vehicles
• Starting at $425 for stock trucks or trucks with
   mild modifications - INCLUDES 15 STANDARD

• Update and Reprogram ONLINE using our FREE HydraFlash™ software
• Choose from our extensive library of standard calibrations
• Program and Verify ONE or MORE positions with one click
• Program calibrations in ANY POSITION(s) — or leave ANY positions blank!
• A single position takes less than 20 seconds to Program and Verify
• Reprogram without removing the chip from the PCM
• Read the factory PCM calibration directly through the chip
• Update chip online with new features as they become available

The PHP Forum went live November 29, 2008. What originally started as a customer support solution has blossomed into a full-fledged Ford gearhead forum with more than 4,600 members, about 8,400 threads, and more than 60,100 posts; on average, 940 unique guests visit every day! The forum is intended to be a place to ask and answer questions and share ideas. You don't have to be a PHP customer to join in the fun or ask for help!

If you are a new, current, or even a potential customer, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the PHP forum.

If we are not available, it is very likely that our incredible moderators or wonderful members can help! Please also be aware that there are additional Support sections of the forum that are not available to Unregistered Guests.

Our Minotaur™ Software Puts the Power of
Custom Tuning in YOUR Hands!
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